One In A Million


Edition of 20 - SOLD OUT - please contact me regarding commissioning a piece or click here to see '1001000'.

This minimal but meaningful piece is created from 1 million silver-coloured glass beads, each measuring less than 1mm across. Perhaps a romantic adjective for finding someone that's 'one in a million', hidden among the beads is a single 'brilliant-cut' diamond...

Increasingly we hear reference to a 'million', whether it be the chances of winning the lottery, a footballer's salary or someone's followers on social media, what does a 'million' actually represent?

When the beads catch the light, it is reminiscent of fresh snow sparkling in the sunshine, and you soon realise that finding one in a million is not easy...

10% of the profit from direct sales of this print is donated to The Breast Cancer Haven.

0% Finance is available through Art Republic.

Title: One In A Million
Edition: 20
Print dimensions: 789mm x 789mm
Paper dimensions: 1000mm x 1000mm - Heritage Conservation Board 2200micron
Materials: 1 million silver-coloured glass beads
1 'brilliant-cut' diamond

The original version of this piece was sold at auction, raising £2,250 in aid of The Breast Cancer Haven.


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