Personalised Artwork

My personalised word searches are unique and appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. From a toddler's first words to the life of a 90-year-old, a personalised word search uniquely engages with everyone. Each word search is meticulously created by hand and contains up to 100 words and short phrases of your choice. They are printed, mounted and framed using high-quality materials, capturing countless thoughts and memories forever. This is a unique gift that will last a lifetime.

I've received some really lovely feedback, some of which can be read here.

I work with other artists, printers, glaziers and framers as well as a professional marquetarian to ensure each piece is finished to the highest possible standard.

Studies have shown that word searches and puzzles can help improve memory and mental acuity. Finding words or completing a puzzle also releases dopamine, the 'reward molecule' which explains why they are so addictive. When the words are events, dates and people special to you, the feelings and memories they evoke are uniquely rewarding.

My work has featured in a number of publications including the Stylist 'Style List', Living Etc, Real Homes, The Mail on Sunday and GQ.