Gift Voucher

If you would like to give a wordsearch print as a gift but don't yet have the words or would like the owner to decide the words, then I can supply a high-quality, framed gift 'voucher' with its own unique code.
Measuring 16cm x 16cm and presented in its own gift box, the 'voucher' is a piece of work in it's own right and includes words such as 'Congratulations', 'Birthday', 'Son', 'Mum', 'Love' and 'Happy' as well as the numbers 1-100. The applicable words can be circled before presenting it, making it suitable for any occasion...
Prices start from £315 for a voucher that entitles the owner to a 40cm x 40cm framed personalised print, including a pen and aluminium pen holder.
If you would like to buy a voucher or are thinking of commissioning a personalised piece, please contact me.