King's College London

King's College London had previously purchased two limited edition silkscreen prints for display in other buildings before commissioning a unique piece for their boardroom.

Working with Fawn Art Consultancy, the dimensions and materials were decided based on the specific location. A selection of appropriate words was agreed with King's College reflecting the nature of their work and the college's history and importance. Words such as 'Endocrinology', 'Knowledge' and 'Molecular Medicine' as well as 'Reggie the Lion', the college mascot appear within the piece. 

The finished piece was created on 10mm clear acrylic with a white back and measures 1280mm x 970mm.





'Fawn Art Consultancy had the pleasure of working alongside Clive on a commission for a boardroom at King’s College London. Clive proved to be excellent at communicating with our staff at each stage of the process, which resulted in a personalised piece of work for a key spot in the building. By sticking clearly to our brief, Clive provided artwork that was engaging, memorable and unique to the university, which will be a talking point for many years to come.' 


Fawn Art Consultancy








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