'Life' is a piece of contemporary op-art created from a sandblasted mirror and NC-acrylic.

Featuring 42 concentric circles, the piece is both futuristic and retro. Possibly representing life rings of a tree or ripples in a pool, the number 42 has many cultural references. In Kabbalistic tradition, it is said to be the number with which God created the Universe. More recently, Lewis Carroll made repeated use of the number in his writings and Douglas Adams wrote the 'Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything' is 42.

This piece featured on Saatchi Art's 'Best of the Year 2017' as curated by Katherine Henning, Senior Associate Curator at Saatchi Art. 

Available direct or through Art Republic, Brighton.

0% Finance is available through Art Republic.

Title: Life
Edition: 42
Artwork dimensions: 700mm x 700mm

Sandblasted 6mm Pilkington mirror

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